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Network Security Analytics & Change Control

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Eliminate Shadow IT, Stay on Top of Changes & Stay in Alignment with Organization’s Business Objectives

  • Support Change Management to manage the unpredictable evolution of IT workloads, networks and technologies
  • Help IT staff to accurately find, follow and fix any part of the infrastructure
  • Get Alerted to, if not completely prevent Shadow IT (roll out of new applications or even Servers) or missing resources within your organization
  • Insights into misconfigurations of infrastructure, network and applications

Rapid Detection of Network Anomalies & Threats

  • Real-time Full Network Security Insight with comprehensive Applications, Network and Infrastructure & East-West traffic statistics across VMs.
  • Detect East-West traffic which may indicate that a malware penetrated the outer security perimeter and has launched further attacks inside a vulnerable data center.
  • Identify Dormant VM vulnerabilities in your data center.
  • Detect Abnormal patterns of connections and traffic flow indicating a network security threat that could impact business service performance and operations
  • Packet Capture for Deep Packet Inspection & Forensic Evidence to solve network security challenges
  • Ability to identify nearly all protocols and applications behind IP flows, on mobile and wireline networks, in any geography.

Identify Policy Violations & Enforce Policy Compliance

  • Support Change Management to manage the unpredictable evolution of IT workloads, networks and technologies and identify policy violations. Create baselines and visualize policy violations compromizing security and compliance for the environment.
  • Quick visibility into disappearing assets and new unauthorized application connections or dependencies.

Total Visibility & Control of your Infrastructure for Contingency Planning & Disaster Recovery

  • Application auto-discovery for over 3000 applications with deep packet inspection to identify and avoid unauthorized application rollouts.
  • Understand your infrastructure, that includes assets and their dependencies with Application Dependency Mapping to manage your security risks and reduce vulnerabilities. This visibility is critical for security teams for Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning with full insight into what is needed for business continuity.
  • Total visibility into your Infrastructure (Storage, Network, Users, Hosts, etc.) and know what “normal” looks like, to rapidly identify unwanted and unauthorized changes.

Combat Ransomware with DNS Transaction Analysis

    Ransomware is impacting organizations across the globe, and in turn changing this "Age of Digital Transformation" to the "Age of Extortion". Along with the typical security practices of running the latest version for all hardware and software, implementing anti-virus and anti-malware solutions, backup of critical business data and even educating end-users on security best practices, it is very critical to counter-attack these ransomware opportunities closer to their controling mechanism. Many of these ransomware attacks call require communication back to the Command and Control Center websites for encryption and more worringly the extraction of corporate data. This requires organizations to review DNS queries to these known malicious Command & Control Center sites as part of their security strategy.

  • Identify DNS transactions that are part of this DNS-variant type of ransomware attack. Search for DNS queries with listed suspicious IPs and URLs.
  • Detailed Query and Network Statistics –ART, queries (LOOKUP,NAMESERVER, REVLOOKUP, etc.) and network related transactions.

Leverage existing Network Packet Broker (NPB) Infrastructure and Investment

  • Leverage your existing Network Packet Broker (Niagara Networks, Ixia, etc.) infrastructure and investment by forwarding network traffic from the NPB to Uila's Virtual Smart Taps.
  • Add much needed visibility for Application Performance based on Deep Packet Inspection of the network traffic.
  • Combine north-south and east-west traffic in a single network traffic analysis view. Get full access to KPIs such as bandwidth, transaction volume, drops, retries, etc.
  • Troubleshoot network issues proactively at lightning speeds with full visibility and bottleneck detection across the full-stack and all infrastructure dependencies. Uila's dependency maps are generated automatically, and without any agent deployment.


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