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Cloud Migration

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Totally Agentless & Seamless Discovery of Infrastructure & Applications

  • Application auto-discovery for over 3,600 applications (Web, Database, Saas, ERP, Healthcare, Financial, Building Automation, Industrial, etc.) with deep packet inspection.

  • Review Application Response times, Transaction volume and Traffic volume for each individual application without interfering with their existing processes and services.

  • Automated DPI to classify previously unknown traffic using embedded machine-learning algorithms.

  • IT teams can identify blind spots in the infrastructure, and eliminate finger pointing between infrastructure and application teams with automated root cause and forensics.

Map Dependencies for your Entire IT portfolio

  • In-depth understanding of the Infrastructure and Application assets in the data center and their interdependencies.

  • Reduced Time to Value with automatic discovery of the topology map for multi-tier applications.

  • Overcome poor documentation practices or knowledge transfer of dependencies due to employee turnover.

  • Discover KPIs such as Application Response Time, Transaction Volume, packets, etc. for every application.

Know your Current Infrastructure Performance

  • Identify current VMs that have performance issues, and fix them before you migrate with Uila's Root Cause analysis. Migrating a poorly performing machine to a new data center, chances are that the performance after the migration will be as poor.

  • Comprehensive Resource Provisioning and Usage to help calculate costs for future usage in Public Cloud.

  • Visualize current compute performance in the data center.

  • Visualize Storage trending performance on Read/Write latencies and IOPS across VMs, vDisk and Data Stores.

Export Application and Infrastructure Dependency Results to Migration Teams

  • Export results of the Infrastructure and Application asset inventory and dependencies to your Migration planning and implementation team.

  • Export results on source/destination asset name, source/destination asset IP address, through gateways, port numbers and applications.

Pre-Migration network traffic cost estimation for workloads that will span Cloud boundaries

  • Visualize pre-migration network traffic between VMs that are part of a multi-tier workload, to help estimate future cloud bills to run the same workload with dependencies now spanning across cloud boundaries.
  • Export results to your migration planning and implementation teams.

Get Pre-migration Guidance on Infrastructure Resource Rightsizing

  • Visualize under-provisioned hosts or instances leading to application performance issues.Plan future cloud resources to avoid same mistakes.

  • Visualize money left currently on the table with over-provisioned infrastructure assets. Plan future cloud resources based on actual needs and smarter investments.

  • Visualize VM performance and utilization for a variety of resources including CPU, Memory and compare usage trends with allocated resources.

  • Clean out VM clutter before migration with visualization into zombie or unused VMs with Uila's Change Control monitoring capability.

Continuous Monitoring During Migration

  • Complete visualization into application workload migration progress for iterative or big-bang migration projects.

  • Maintain Business Continuity and build confidence in migration teams.

Business Continuity Validation Post-Migration

  • Single Pane of glass for correlated Application & Infrastructure visibility across all VMware, Microsoft Hyper-v, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud deployments to maintain control over service quality and performance post-migration.

  • Application dependency mapping provides validation status for post-migration for multi-tier business-critical applications.

  • Validate business-critical application availability and end-user performance improvements desired from the hybrid cloud migration.


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