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Data Center Disaster Recovery

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Data Center Disaster Recovery from Unplanned Downtimes

  • Plan your disaster recovery and eliminate data loss with a guarantee that to bring back all the business-critical applications to life and work as efficiently as before.

  • Maintain full inventory and visibility into the applications (business critical or not) running in the Data-Center at all times, and be prepared with any unplanned downtime.

  • Application auto-discovery for over 3,600 applications with deep packet inspection.

Automatically Discover & Document Application & Server Dependencies

  • Automated visualization of all virtual, physical and cloud assets and their interdependencies at the application level without the installation of any agents.

  • Direct DPI-based classification for over 3,600 applications (web, database, SaaS, healthcare, financial, etc.).

  • Automatically generated and updated in real-time for all applications.

  • Create and customize multi-tier application groups based on your requirements.


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