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Physical Server Monitoring

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Visibility into Physical Server Performance

  • Single Pane of glass for Application-centric insights into Server Performance, including CPU and Memory statistics.

  • Get to root-cause fast for any server performance issues. Visualize Application Response Times for any application running on the server, transactions, traffic statistics, etc.

  • Complete visibility into processes and applications running on the physical server.

Agentless & Seamless Discovery for over 4,200 applications

  • Application auto-discovery for over 4,200 applications with deep packet inspection.

  • Review Application Response times, Transaction volume and Traffic volume for each individual application without interfering with their existing processes and services.

  • Automated DPI to classify previously unknown traffic using embedded machine-learning algorithms.

  • IT teams can identify blind spots in the infrastructure, and eliminate finger pointing between infrastructure and application teams with automated root cause and forensics.

Correlate Application & Physical Server Performance

  • Automatically correlate any Application Performance issues with underlying network and compute performance to get to root-cause.

  • Isolate Application Performance issues by monitoring Application Response Time (ART) for any multi-tiered application.

  • Keep your teams focussed on improving the Application Performance, instead of costly and stressful war-room conversations.

Automatically Discover & Document Application & Physical/Virtual Server Dependencies

  • Automated visualization of all virtual, physical and cloud assets and their interdependencies at the application level without the installation of any agents.

  • Automatically generated and updated in real-time for all applications.

  • Create and customize multi-tier application groups based on your requirements.


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