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DPI and Application Classification Technology

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Deep Packet Inspection Technology

  • No impact on traffic flow with Uila's virtual taps and DPI-based monitoring.

  • Get complete & real-time visibility into the virtual network traffic, to gain insights into network transactions and user behavior.

  • Classification of protocols and applications based on flow pattern matching, flow prediction, bidirectional flow correlation, behavioral analytics, statistical analysis,etc.

  • Frequent updates to classification engine to keep up with fast changing nature of IP traffic.

  • DPI technology applicable across entire Hybrid environment: Data Center & Cloud

Uila Architecture

Classified Applications and Protocols

    Uila can classify commonly used applications and protocols across different verticals, including;
  • Web
  • Databases including Oracle, SQL, etc.
  • Saas applications including Salesforce, Office 365, Sharepoint, Google, etc.
  • ERP
  • Healthcare applications including HL7 (EHR), DICOM, Scada based patient monitoring systems
  • Financial applications like FIX protocol
  • Building Automation protocols like BACnet
  • Industrial protocols like DeltaV, OPC, Ethernet/IP, etc.
  • Web Conferencing including Zoom, Webex, Google Hangouts, GotoMeeting, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • IoT
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Many more...

Classified apps/protocols by Uila

Uila DPI for Performance Observability

  • Go beyond the usual simple network management protocol (SNMP) and flow-based traffic monitoring, and instead monitor virtual network and application traffic at the packet level.

  • Gather critical data and compare Application and Network Response Time interactions between clients and servers to isolate root cause.

  • Get end-to-end insights into enterprise application performance, with real-time analytics on enterprise network links and connectivity.

  • React to slowdowns with packet insights before they impact users.

  • Uila's DPI reduces need for full packet capture.

Uila's Performance Monitoring

Uila DPI for Cyber Threat Monitoring

  • Identify thousands of threats via abnormal patterns in network traffic flows and connections along with Uila's Cyber Threat Monitoring Module.

  • Get full visibility into encrypted and evasive traffic including complex protocols like RC4 Encrypted BitTorrent, traffic spoofing applications (HTTP Injector, Eproxy, etc.), popular cryptocurrencies and mining pool traffic and much more.

  • Insights into Application Anomalous behavior in terms of Application Response Time and Dependencies based on real traffic communication.

  • Accurate identification of cyber threats even when spread over several incoming packets.

Uila's Cyber Threat Monitoring


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