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Performance Monitoring

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Challenges with Siloed Performance Monitoring

    Enterprise Data center architecture has evolved dramatically in recent years, enabling it to effectively run large-scale, distributed, multi-tier applications across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. To support and ultimately ensure delivery of business-critical applications and services, an elastic data center architecture and agile development model has emerged to share workloads, data and resources across the multi-cloud environment.

    However, IT monitoring solutions have not kept pace with this new wave of multi-cloud dynamics and the agile DevOps model. Current tools have also reinforced the established silos that separate applications, virtual infrastructure, physical infrastructure and cloud resources. When problems occur, a majority of the troubleshooting time is spent in stressful and inconclusive fingerpointing sessions. This also impacts the morale and careers of the IT teams as this keeps them away from strategic IT projects. Also with certain tools, there is a challenge of too many red lights, without any prioritization guidance.

Triage Service Outages & Poor Performance Issues in Seconds

  • Built-in Expert system gives IT teams 1-click access to root cause and remediation steps for unplanned business service outages or performance degradations.
  • Cover all possible reasons behind the unplanned downtime or slowdown, all the way from application to the infrastructure to the network in a single unified view.
  • Solve problems from the end-user's perspective.

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Eliminate pain points within the Compute Infrastructure

  • Visualize how compute performance in the data center affects application performance by measuring metrics such as CPU swap wait, CPU Ready, Utilization and tie this to the Application Response Time.
  • Visualize performance of all memory arrays in your hosts with respect to the infrastructure currently running in your data center. Get up-to-date information on memory usage, swap rate, swap wait times, etc.

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Actionable Application Intelligence and Analysis

  • Application auto-discovery for over 3200 applications with deep packet inspection
  • Track Application performance response time and service levels constantly to identify bottlenecks and issues
  • Application transaction metadata tracks query, response and volume information for deeper investigation into Web, DNS and Database application internals.

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Application-centric Virtual and Physical Network Monitoring

  • Virtual Network flow analysis reveals network issues and stress impacting application servers.
  • East-west (Lateral) network traffic analysis eliminates monitoring blind spots, and lets IT teams see traffic between VMs.
  • Pinpoint application performance bottleneck down to the physical network port (unavailable, congestion, errors) directly from the Application Dependency Map.

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Rightsize your Infrastructure Investment

  • Optimize application performance with the existing datacenter infrastructure with clear visibility into future infrastructure needs, based on existing bottlenecks and hotspots.
  • Identify over-provisioned resource issues, and leverage your existing investment.
  • Identify under-provisioned resource issues that are impacting business-critical application performance.

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Full-Stack VDI Performance Management

  • Solve Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Complaints such as Slow Application Loading, Slow Application Response, Screen lag, Graphics Responsiveness, User logon, Timeouts/slowness, etc.
  • Non-disruptive and scalable auto-discovery solution with automatic correlation between end-user VDI performance and connectivity issues with underlying network, storage and compute performance to get to root-cause before user impact.
  • Align business and IT Operations goals in a single product with VDI visibility and correlated network, compute and storage insights to maximize team efficiencies.

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Make Problem Solving and IT teams Super-efficient

  • Eliminate Alert Fatigue on Application, Network and Infrastructure with automated baseline and intuitive colored indicators.
  • Learn from the past with automated baselining with long periods of data retention.
  • Isolate the area of problems and teams responsible for solving them in seconds, and reduce time to resolution and stressful finger-pointing within teams.


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