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Customer Success Story

  • Multinational Professional Services Organization Success Story
    Success Story for a large Multinational Professional Services Organization where Uila helped the team solve Major Oracle Custer reboots and application crashes for their Healthcare customer.
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  • Insurance Agency Solving Application Outages Success Story
    Success Story for an Insurance Agency that were able to resolve their Application outages in hours vs weeks.
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  • Enterprise Organization with VDI Performance Challenges Success Story
    Enterprise organization in Asia that was able to solve their VDI environment's performance issues by isolating the root-cause down to corporate policy violations for a single user.
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  • Multinational Telecommunications company Success Story
    Success Story for a top US-based Multinational Telecommunications Company where Uila helped their R & D division shorten the development cycle and reduce MTTR for issues by over 40%.
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  • Multinational Electronics Conglomerate Success Story
    Success Story for a Multinational Electronics Conglomerate where Uila helped their IT team solve their Application Performance Problems.
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  • Harris County Clerk Office Success Story
    Success Story for Harris County Clerk Office (3rd largest county in the United States) where Uila helped them discover and solve Application & Infrastructure problems 30% faster.
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  • Construction Equipment Dealer Success Story
    Success Story for Construction Equipment Dealer where Uila helped them solve the problems with their business critical CRM server, and eliminated past downtimes that impacted customer relationships, pricing and record information.
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  • Local City Government's IT Department Success Story
    Success Story for a Local City Government's IT Department who was experiencing heavy slowdowns for their ERP systems.
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  • Carolina Biological Success Story
    Watch how Uila helped Carolina Biological resolve their Application slowdown complaints.
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  • Objectivity Success Story
    Success Story for Objectivity, Inc. a big data analytics software producer, solved random server slowdowns for their QA teams.
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  • Large Sportswear Retail Store Success Story
    Watch how Uila helped a large retail sportswear store resolve their POS terminal freezing issue.
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  • Large Hospital Success Story
    Uila Success Story on how a large hospital solved the challenge of email outages due to poor transfer of knowledge to a new IT employee.
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  • Wine Producer Success Story
    Uila Success Story on how a large wine producer solved their Shadow IT challenges.
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  • Quarles & Brady LLP Success Story
    Legal Firm solved their VM Backup issues at their Disaster Recovery site.
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  • GDS Success Story
    GDS delivered IaaS service with greater levels of customer visibility and satisfaction.
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  • Insurance Company Success Story
    Insurance Company simplified the collaboration between their Application and Infrastructure Performance teams.
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  • First Tech Federal Credit Union Success Story
    Leading Bank for their IT to focus on enhancing member experience rather than chasing data center problems.
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  • Lake EMS Success Story
    Emergency Medical Services organization instantly solved their Patient Billing System issues.
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  • CPP Success Story
    Career Development Organization solved their MS SQL slow response time issues within minutes.
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